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high heels

  1. Sara


    Sara featuring Gili Hair 3 in 1 by Biscuits Comments are welcome Thanks JV
  2. Oh Bettie (Noir)

    Oh Bettie (Noir)

    The Noir Version
  3. Oh Bettie

    Oh Bettie

    Homage to the queen of Pinups
  4. PeepToe Shoes For La Femme

    PeepToe Shoes For La Femme

    PeepToe Shoes for La Femme by Afrodite-Ohki
  5. Bombshell


    As the title suggests... Comments are welcome Thanks JV
  6. La Roux

    La Roux

    One of those red hair days.... Comments are welcome Thanks JV
  7. Ken1171

    RELEASED Laced Sundress for Dawn-Sora-CatsEyes

    Like it was with the Cheongsam Dress, you might have already seen many renders I did with this dress. As time passed, I have added more items to it, and now I have a complete set. * Sundress * High heels shoes * Wide brim sun hat * Pearls necklace * Jeweled metal bracelet * Multicolored hoops...
  8. BibiBob


    A simple Pin-up Another V4 hackaton. Comments are welcome Thanks JV Bibi Hair by Biscuits Pouf by Ghostman Outfit by Exnem Shoes by Aren
  9. DigiDotz

    Canvas shoes and Heels Boots for Dawn

    Hoping to knock these into shape and get the rigging right ...for Dawn -some High heeled booties and some Canvas shoes