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genesis 8 female

  1. Wokfu


    Behold the wushu of Wokfu, an ancient martial art in cooking weaponry. Comments are welcome
  2. La Femme Fatale Noir

    La Femme Fatale Noir

    Noir Portrait
  3. Sutton


    Sutton for G8F by Enchanted Pixie and 3Anson. Thank you Erin and Andy Comments are welcome Thanks JV
  4. Sara


    Sara featuring Gili Hair 3 in 1 by Biscuits Comments are welcome Thanks JV
  5. Oh Bettie (Noir)

    Oh Bettie (Noir)

    The Noir Version
  6. Oh Bettie

    Oh Bettie

    Homage to the queen of Pinups
  7. Popped !

    Popped !

    Look ma, no hands ! Inspired by the recent heat wave that hit my area Comments are welcome! Thanks JV
  8. Chloe


    Chloe. An experiment in Rembrandt lighting Comments are welcome
  9. Audrey


    Audrey as a millennial. Comments are welcome Thanks JV
  10. Kim


    Kim Slightly Bimbified.
  11. Kate


    Meet Kate. Macerena HD - Mousso Pattern Hair - Hellboy Xenya Hair - Outoftouch Face Metal Gear - Biscuits/Ghostman Earrings and Choker - Inception8
  12. Dawn Ballet

    Dawn Ballet

    A little test. Dawn in LadyLittleFox Ballet outfit for Victoria 4 and with the free Side Swept Rose Hair for Genesis 8Female. All rendered in DazStudio. I loooove mixing&matching stuff LOL Thank you Napalm Arsenal for the excellent tip.
  13. Poppy


  14. Yuko


    MeiLin 8 Portrait
  15. Madison


    A simple Portrait
  16. La Roux

    La Roux

    One of those red hair days.... Comments are welcome Thanks JV
  17. Charley


    Charlotte 8 Portrait.
  18. Earring


    a promo I did for the earring - an upcoming freebie.
  19. Catherine3678a

    Daz Studio G3 to G8 Pose with brief tutorial 2017-06-19

    In order to remake clothing from Genesis 3 to Genesis 8, G3 needs to be posed to G8. So having made one, it's a share ;-) I've also included a brief text tutorial in the readme, general workflow guidelines.
  20. Rumour


    Meet Rumour. My first Genesis 8 Female render The face is G8F with some dial spinning. G8F with V8 skin and G3F hair and clothing. Comments are welcome