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genesis 3 female

  1. Lola


    Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets!
  2. Ruby


    Another day, another Redhead. Comments are welcome Thanks JV
  3. Catherine3678a

    Daz Studio G3 to G8 Pose with brief tutorial 2017-06-19

    In order to remake clothing from Genesis 3 to Genesis 8, G3 needs to be posed to G8. So having made one, it's a share ;-) I've also included a brief text tutorial in the readme, general workflow guidelines.
  4. The Gathering

    The Gathering

    buncha G3's on bikes. Sorry about the graininess. That's the best my 6 yr old machine could handle. I need to upgrade or stick with simple cheesy pinups. haha comments are welcome Thanks JV
  5. Lucy


    A portrait of Lucy. Done in Iray Pix Lucy + MDD Jerica Comments are welcome Thanks JV
  6. Roxanne


    My first attempt of a portrait in DS / Iray. I still don't have the lighting down, but it's a start. Comments are welcome Thanks JV
  7. SF-Design

    Free Belly Button Morphs for Genesis 3

    Get it here: Free Belly Button Morphs for Genesis 3 Female(s) and Male(s)
  8. SF-Design

    Daz Studio Free Belly Button Morphs for Genesis 3 2017-06-01

  9. Princess of Magic

    Princess of Magic

    Princess of Magic II for V3 on G3F Comments are welcome Thanks JV
  10. TheWanderer


    Wandering is hard work. Comments are welcome Thanks JV Special thanks to Amaranth for the use of Wanderer outfit for G3F
  11. SF-Design

    SF-Design's New Product Releases

    VISIT MY H3D STORE Have a look at my latest release here on H3D Product Page