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  1. Eyes Lips & Nose

    Eyes Lips & Nose

    Eyes Lips & Nose for G8M by Anagord
  2. Roberta

    To close Dawn's eyes

    Hi, I have problems accompanying the eyelid of Dawn and/or Diva, so as to accompany the position of the eye. Any suggestions ? Thanks
  3. Watching


    (just trying to work out how to upload pictures here again)
  4. Blue Eyes 2

    Blue Eyes 2

    Tease-testing Blue Eyes
  5. Minyassa

    Minyassa's Products at HW3D

    It is about time I replaced my thread in the new forum! Here's my thread for my products in the store, to show off and answer any questions anyone may have. My two newest as of 11/11/16 are Soul Windows, both for M4/V4/K4 and for Dawn/Dusk/Luna. These are sets of 116 hand-painted eye textures...
  6. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    Do the eyes have it?

    Working on building my own textures for the eyes, and I came upon a couple of things that I have questions on! (no, really? questions? you? *shh* voices in my head, sorry.) First one, is there a way to make the pupil larger or smaller? Second one, why is there two sets of eyeballs on the...
  7. He Is Lost In The Ocean Of Her Eyes

    He Is Lost In The Ocean Of Her Eyes