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dynamic cloth

  1. Saffira -Navy Blue Tulle Elastane

    Saffira -Navy Blue Tulle Elastane

    Saffira Steampunk outfit in Navy Blue Tulle Elastane
  2. Saffira -Pink Denim

    Saffira -Pink Denim

    Saffira Steampunk outfit in Pink Denim
  3. Saffira -Blue Rough Cotton

    Saffira -Blue Rough Cotton

    Saffira Steampunk outfit in Blue Rough Cotton
  4. Saffira -Red Leather

    Saffira -Red Leather

    Saffira Steampunk outfit in Red Leather
  5. Dawn

    Poser Xmas 2017 Freebie - Dynamics for Dawn - Seven Year Itch Dress for Poser 2017-12-05

    Please note this is quite high in polygons. Dynamic Dress for Dawn
  6. Gadget Girl

    Poser tester needed for Zan/Tajii outfit

    Hi all, I'm finishing up an out for the Zan/Tajii Dawn morphs and need some poser testers. The outfit is mostly dynamic, which is why I'm considering it for Poser only (I know there a lot of dynamic options in DS now, but that's another story). Don't worry if you don't have much experience...
  7. Gadget Girl

    Poser Angel Dress for Dawn and Diva 2016-12-17

    A dynamic dress for Dawn including a fitting morph for Diva.
  8. Wherever the Road Takes Me

    Wherever the Road Takes Me

  9. Gadget Girl

    Ao Dai for Dawn/Sora/Diva/Alexis

    So I thought it was about time I put together a thread for the outfit I'm working on. All the Dawns by Gadget Girl posted May 26, 2016 at 3:39 PM I haven't posted much on it recently, because I've been fiddling with lots of little bits to refine the morphs, and the textures. It will be a...
  10. Gadget Girl

    Poser Cloth Room Refits 2016-05-27

    This is the first of some cloth room tutorials that I'm working on. This one focuses on how to refit dynamic clothing items for extreme morphs and other characters. It also covers how to save your refit as a morph for your existing dynamic cloth item. Let me know if you have any questions or...
  11. DigiDotz

    Another dynamic cloth option

    oh my word, another dynamic development just popped into the daz forum
  12. All the Dawns

    All the Dawns

    First go at matching morphs for Diva, Alexis, and Sora.
  13. Falcon Guard

    Falcon Guard

    Dawn using VW's Face's of Asia skin, The Dragon Braid by Arki, SongBird Remix and my dynamic dress.
  14. Cat Dance

    Cat Dance

  15. Dawn Ao Dai 2

    Dawn Ao Dai 2

    A test image from the front of my Ao Dai for Dawn, done in Superfly.
  16. Dawn Ao Dai 3

    Dawn Ao Dai 3

    A test Render in Firefly of my Ao Dai for Dawn.
  17. Dawn Ao Dai 1

    Dawn Ao Dai 1

    A test render of Dawn done in Superfly.
  18. Gadget Girl

    Poser Biblical Robe for Dusk and Axel 2016-03-30

    So, here is my Biblical Robe I've been working on. Please let me know if you find any issues with it, since this is the first piece of clothing I've created anything I can learn is great. *Note the sandals in the last picture are the ones that come with Axel.
  19. VortigensBane

    Pulling back the Drapes: The Cloth Room

    I thought it would be fun (and informative) to start a thread solely about Poser's Cloth Room. I have had a lot of fun (and headaches) using it, and while I wouldn't consider myself an expert, there are a few things that I have learned along the way. I thought this could be a good place to...