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  1. Territorial Disputes

    Territorial Disputes

    DD3 Custom skin colors
  2. Mommy


  3. Abracadabra


    Precious Dragon and NapalmArsenal's upcoming Practical Magic textures for Lisa's Bell Flowers. This is the Abracadabra texture.
  4. Precious Dragon

    Precious Dragon

  5. Hitchhiker


  6. Cuddle Bugs

    Cuddle Bugs

  7. A Girl And Her Dragon

    A Girl And Her Dragon

  8. Rescued


  9. Summer Heat

    Summer Heat

  10. Dragoon


    Created and rendered in Carrara 8.5Pro
  11. Meet and Greet

    Meet and Greet

    Sympatico Studio Promo
  12. Lighting Up

    Lighting Up

    We have ignition...
  13. Bassinet at the Dragon Temple

    Bassinet at the Dragon Temple

    A challenge render. Pick items from your library starting with the letters from FABLE. Post work in PD Howler 11. Rendered in Iray.
  14. Legend Of The Drackus Carving-sm

    Legend Of The Drackus Carving-sm

    After the people had seen the Flight of the Drackus, their fear was such that they carved it into a cave that only the Shamen were allowed to enter. It was said that one day, when the moon turned to blood, that the carving would come to life and the Drackus would fly again.
  15. Aiko's light

    Aiko's light

    An image with a return of old products ... Aiko 3 with morphology made by me. For the dragon of Daz I just used the body, texturing it within Vue. Thanks for look!
  16. Quiet moment

    Quiet moment

    Zatheria Legend by poerage for Dawn Swildhelm's Robustus
  17. Kiarra And The Dragon

    Kiarra And The Dragon

    Journeyman Bard Kiarra is not thrilled with what "going out and adventuring to build your own repretoire" actually entails.
  18. Zhawenjigieliar And SwiftWing

    Zhawenjigieliar And SwiftWing

  19. FL-Dragon-1


    Dragon courtship.