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  1. Howl


  2. Black & White

    Black & White

    The new Big Dog wearing the House Cat's tuxedo textures, House Cat and Kittens and Horse and Foal
  3. Big Labs

    Big Labs

    The new HiveWire Big Dog and a couple of extra textures from Sparky
  4. Black Lab Pack

    Black Lab Pack

    HW Big Dog
  5. Black Lab

    Black Lab

    The HiveWire3d Dog with Sparky's black texture. with some added Carrara hair and props made in Carrara.. also Ken's budgie and HW House cat.
  6. 3D Doodling

    3D Doodling

    Just doing some doodling in Carrara
  7. TheWanderer


    Wandering is hard work. Comments are welcome Thanks JV Special thanks to Amaranth for the use of Wanderer outfit for G3F
  8. Maxine & Rotty

    Maxine & Rotty

    Maxine and Rotty taking a break. Comments are welcome Thanks JV
  9. Boy Bot and his Toy Dog :)

    Boy Bot and his Toy Dog :)

    Boy Bot and his Toy Dog :)
  10. Days of Future Past

    Days of Future Past

  11. Friends