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diva for dawn

  1. First Snow of Winter

    First Snow of Winter

    Baby Luna has never seen snow before! Diva for Dawn and Baby Luna with one of the poses from my Big Sister pose set. Postwork in Photoshop.
  2. This Little Piggie

    This Little Piggie

    This little piggie went to market, This little piggie stayed at home... A pose from my current WIP "Big Sister"-combined poses for Diva and Luna. Diva's shorts are from Glitterati- thank you for your Diva clothes! Hair is Music Diva Hair Rendered in Poser Postwork (watercolour filter) in Photoshop
  3. Dancing In Clogs

    Dancing In Clogs

  4. Do I have to go to bed?

    Do I have to go to bed?

  5. In for the try!

    In for the try!

    Atarangi playing NZ's national sport, rugby. He's hoping to become another Jonah Lomu.
  6. Atarangi


  7. Atarangi Running

    Atarangi Running

  8. Fun on the Tramp

    Fun on the Tramp

  9. Gadget Girl

    Creating clothing for Diva in Daz Studio

    So. . . I've been working on this pair of children's shoes, that I almost have finished up. Originally they were for Luna, but then Diva came out, and I made a version for Diva in Poser. All is well and good. I've gotten the Luna version into DS and they seem to work just fine, although I'm...
  10. Miss Muffet

    Miss Muffet

    Another for my Fairy Tales and Nursery Rhyme book.