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  1. Soft Desert

    Soft Desert

    PD Howler - Puppy Ray 3D Generated. Change of a few parameters, using the same ocean maps to make a desert.
  2. Partial Body Morphs G8F

    Partial Body Morphs G8F

    Partial Body Morphs G8F Vol 2 by Anagord
  3. Fist Full Of Landon

    Fist Full Of Landon

    Landon 8, HiveWire Horse, Mustang morph for the HW horse
  4. Gladeling For G8F

    Gladeling For G8F

    Gladeling for G8F by Sixus1
  5. Above The Oasis

    Above The Oasis

    A jewel of the Desert, hidden in the rocks.
  6. Deep Blue

    Deep Blue

    A Mysterious Desert
  7. Temple1Scene1


    This was a test for a short movie
  8. Out of This World

    Out of This World

    "The jaguar desperate to find water for her cub, peers into the Well of Worlds. Will they survive? Will they find a new home?"
  9. Desert Winds-sm

    Desert Winds-sm

    A meeting in an alien world. Resources: My background painting HiveWire3d Horse Winged Horse - Wings Fresian Texture/morph Flight Poses for Wings Show off Poses for Mane/Tail Dawn Alexis skin for Dawn Equine Dreams - Veil Fashion Hijab for G2F Dress TC33 from Sanbie
  10. Desert Treasures

    Desert Treasures

    Desert Landscape with horse.
  11. Wild Herd-Night

    Wild Herd-Night

  12. Zhawenjigieliar And SwiftWing

    Zhawenjigieliar And SwiftWing

  13. 3dcheapskate

    Possibly Unexpected Ways To Use Nodes

    Have you ever found an interesting, and possibly unusual or unexpected, way to use any of the material room nodes ? If you have then please share :) I'll start. The Cellular node (New Node > 3D Textures > Cellular) has given me several pleasant surprises. The first one is that if you set mode...
  14. Strawberry Cheescake

    Strawberry Cheescake