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dawn clothing

  1. Doug Hunter

    Hunter 3D's Products at HiveWire 3D

    Hello Hivewire Community, This thread is for my products that have been released in the Hivewire store. Thank you for visiting this thread and thank you for supporting my products. Please feel free to post any questions you may have.
  2. Karth

    Daz Studio Business Set for Dawn - DS 2017-11-11

    What's Included & Features Figure (.obj, .duf ) Business Pullover Peace Necklace Materials ( .duf) Separate Iray and 3Delight presets Lila Knit Textures 3 maps 4096 x 4096 Supports Willow and Laureen for Dawn
  3. HaiGan

    Poser Belt Dress 1 for Dawn 2017-03-05

    A simple sleeveless dress with a slip-buckle belt, supplied as a prop with .obj file, set up for use in the Poser cloth room. Includes basic textures and texture template files.
  4. L

    Requirements to sell clothes to Dawn and Dusk?

    Good morning everyone,my name is Lee Duva and I have some questions. I want to sell clothes here for Dawn and exclusively. My first question is how would I fit the clothes on Dawn and Dusk properly for sale? My second question is what kind of clothes can I sale? I mean I know Hivewired is a...
  5. Rose2000

    Rose2000's products at the Hive.

    Hi guys! I am happy to announce that I will be moving my products to the Hive! First one to make the list is Just Me For Dawn.. It's a cute and flirty little outfit that every girl would love.. You can pick it up for your Dawn here Just Me for Dawn - A Rose2000 Creation Don't forget to pick up...
  6. Lianam

    Liana's WIP Thread :)

    I ma just doing this to show what I am working at any given moment. It could be textures for clothes, meshes props etc), or renders. :)
  7. Rokket

    Poser & DS Sci Fi Clothing For Dawn 2016-02-21

    A two piece outfit inspired by Rey from Star Wars The Force Awakens. This is a dynamic clothing item. I have included templates for both items in the textures folder so you can create your own textures for it. There is a brief ReadMe file in the folder. I chose to label this for Poser and DS...