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  1. Shanda G8F By Rae134

    Shanda G8F By Rae134

    Shanda G8F by Valkyrie
  2. Cho in the garden

    Cho in the garden

    Poser/Superfly. Dawn: The Face of Asia: Cho morph and textures. My SF skin shaders. SAV Berlin Hairs.
  3. Forlorn Sea And Empty Moon

    Forlorn Sea And Empty Moon

    Mitsuko by Pix Melidae Crown, Gold Berry outfit HDRI lights Morning Star Wings
  4. Mariko


    Meet Mariko, a mixed Asian inspired character.
  5. Yuko


    MeiLin 8 Portrait
  6. ibr_remote

    Defalt Paul 2 Asian Torso spec map is wrong

    In case you are driven to madness trying to figure out why the new Paul 2 Asian's neck and body render with strange marks on them: the specular map provided in the default material shader is the wrong one !! Somehow, the legs specular was assigned... Need to manually change that. After you...
  7. Magazine Cover - Stallion Directory - Legends Edition

    Magazine Cover - Stallion Directory - Legends Edition

    A Mock Mag Cover - Kirin morph
  8. Diva


    Some randomized Diva faces I created using VWs Face's of Asia and my RandomHive script
  9. CajunBeauty

    Asian Girl For Dawn

    This is my first character I am trying to make. I did a head and body for her, but I still have questions about some of the morphs I used to make her as to whether they were all Merchant Resources and/or allowed to be used to create a character for sale. One of those is the Asian Face shape that...
  10. Hidden Dragon

    Hidden Dragon