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    COSMOPOLITAN - DZ G8M BootZ by Anagord
  2. Lilikh Battle Angel

    Lilikh Battle Angel

    Featuring 3-DArena's Sam, and Arki's Malaik Wings. Lilikha Outfit for Genesis 8 by HM, and Poisen's Morphing Demon Mask
  3. Syph And Bodysuit

    Syph And Bodysuit

    Syph and Bodysuit for G8F by Marcius
  4. Angelic Confetti

    Angelic Confetti

    Playing around with Syckleyields Confetti scatter for Iray
  5. Angelic Repose Pink

    Angelic Repose Pink

    Dawn SE Pommerlis Little Miss Braided
  6. Angelic Repose Blue

    Angelic Repose Blue

    Dawn SE Pommerlis' Little Miss Braided Poses, Arki Wings
  7. Little Angel

    Little Angel

    "A little angel wanted to play with you. You went with him." Remember of our beloved cat Niki (died 13.10.2018)
  8. Forlorn Sea And Empty Moon

    Forlorn Sea And Empty Moon

    Mitsuko by Pix Melidae Crown, Gold Berry outfit HDRI lights Morning Star Wings
  9. Black Rain

    Black Rain

    Marnie by Mousso, Arki Malaik Wings, Miellyn Outfit, Dark-Sin outfit, Kadis Armor, Ron's Glitter, HDRI Fabi and Sveva
  10. Infinity Gate

    Infinity Gate

    Marnie By Mousso, Arki Malaik Wings, Miellyn, Dark Sin Outfit, Melidae Crown Cherry Blossoms, Kadis Armor, Ron's Glitter
  11. Angelic Melody

    Angelic Melody

  12. Tranquility


  13. Winter Magic

    Winter Magic

    Sympatico Studio Promo
  14. PrincessforaDay


    I'm still practising with the Superfly render. I do like it, despite the eternal render times. Jewellery is by GrayCloudDesign, Hair is by AprilYSH; Dawn is wearing the strapless Minidress with textures by Spiritfoxy, and the char is TinselAngel for Dawn.
  15. Anthem For The Angels

    Anthem For The Angels

    Winged Horse For the HiveWIre Horse
  16. Christmas Sprit

    Christmas Sprit

  17. Newest Angel

    Newest Angel

    Heaven's Newest Angel Testing Render for Pen's new Deirdre character.
  18. Snow Angel

    Snow Angel

    Another kind of Snow Angel
  19. Gadget Girl

    Poser Angel Dress for Dawn and Diva 2016-12-17

    A dynamic dress for Dawn including a fitting morph for Diva.
  20. Oh ..... That! ......... The Fluffy Did It!

    Oh ..... That! ......... The Fluffy Did It!

    Sora and the HiveWire House Cat, and Tenacity Suit with a little customization.