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  1. Future Dawn 3 .jpg

    Future Dawn 3 .jpg

    Just playing around with my explorer storyline. Colonial Explorer Dawn with a Scanamajig ventures into alien caves/ruins.
  2. Mighty Scepter

    Mighty Scepter

    Mighty Scepter by Sugar3D
  3. Aliens 2 01

    Aliens 2 01

  4. Tiger Alien

    Tiger Alien

    HW Big Cat Lion (with a tiger coat I mocked up) and G8F
  5. Ripley


  6. The Specimen

    The Specimen

    New fly from AM
  7. Alien


    Created September 2013. Was intended for the big Dawn contest. One of my "Foggy Walk" photos is in the very background.
  8. Invasion


    Rendered & modeled in Carrara Postwork in PSE2018
  9. Falling


    playing with dForce
  10. Alien Slime

    Alien Slime

    Dusk and a couple of friends
  11. Alien Cat

    Alien Cat

  12. guaiamustudio

    Alien Cat

    Hi everyone!!! Guaiamu here ^^ Friends, i'm creating an Alien Cat! (I know the idea is strange haha!) This is the work so far. What you guys think? There's something you wanted to see on it? :) Cheers!!
  13. Alien


    Firefly render
  14. Alien Jungle Ruins

    Alien Jungle Ruins

  15. LeoLee

    Lip Sync Animation

    Lip Sync test for an independent film "Acordem Ovelhas" (Wake Up Sheeps) that I'm working as an animator. It's a Sci-Fi Comedy. It was Animated in Poser and rendered in Carrara. I can't use the Talk Designer because it doesn't fit on my language (portuguese). It was animated by hand and I...
  16. Alien Plantation

    Alien Plantation

  17. guaiamustudio

    Guaimustudio's Products at HiveWire 3D

    Hi Everyone! Guaiamu here! Today HW3D is selling my new Varginha Alien Invasion for Dusk! It comes with 6 Body Morphs, 2 Head Morphs, a pistol, poses and Mats ^^ If you already purchased the older version, just download it again, the files are updated :) Here is the link of the product on...