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The littlest Shaman ( chasing down a dream)

The littlest Shaman ( chasing down a dream)

Thank you for enjoying my work, as for telling a story, for the most part I simply have no choice...Right, wrong or for good or worse, I am a story teller... Here I started out to see if I could make a decent night scene, I didn't plan what happened here, nor the eight hours of work...lol
Great render! That's an excellent way to light a night time scene.
@Me195 Well I still have more experimenting to do, the shadows aren't deep enough, nor does the lighting frame the trees as much as I would like. The sky is not quite right, but I am always too demanding of my own work perhaps. Do I consider this successful? yes Is it professional? No..... It will need more work before it becomes part of my book. Thank you very much for your kind words.. The message here is much more then just a little boy chasing down a dream.. We should all have a dream to bring us out of the dark, and it is not enough to have dreams, we must be brave enough to follow them...

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