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The Kiss

The Kiss

Ludwig and Morgan
Your going to be a problem aren't you...lol every once in a while I run into a person that do wonderful scenes and they just need a little something to make them pop. Or in others words they lack just a little bit of being just like something I would do.....
no need to sorry :) thank you very much!
english is not my native language,so perhaps sometimes i don´t understand perfectly or do not express myself right ;)
I only have one small criticism of an otherwise excellent render! The fingers on her hand are not positioned convincingly enough for me. I think her hand should be flatter against his back, and it does look like, from this angle, her thumb is poking through his shirt.
@eclark1894 you can see a bigger version in my blog

Mininessie´s art gallery: The Kiss
i can assure you there is not pokethrough on the shirt because i pay too much attention at just these details ;) the hand is difficult to pose in this kind of poses because you have to avoid the pokethrough between bodies...they are M4 and V4
and the bending is not the same of later figures...anyway thank you for your criticism ,it is welcome! :geek:

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