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The Four
First horse is the Arab texture (edited so the eye/nose area is pink not black), the Black is the Friesian texture, the Chestnut is edited from the Freisian and the SkeleHorse texture is edited as well :) (all the horses have the Kelpie teeth)
Four horses of the apocalypse. Neat image Rae!!

Death (Grey/White Arabian)
Famine (Friesian)
War (Chestnut)
Pestilence (Kelpie)
Thanks NA. :)

And you are close, but the first horseman (on the white) is Conquest (or Victory) but in pop culture has become know as Pestilence (confusing I know, as the Pale horse has become known as just Death). Black is Famine (and should really be the 3rd horseman). Red is War (and should be the 2nd horseman) and the 4th horseman is Death riding a Pale horse (Pestilence).

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