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Steampunk Bonnie

Steampunk Bonnie

V4 with free sharecg Bonnie character and mat, and Delphia hair
Thank you Napalm :) it's an oldie as I don't have any newer renders on my phone to share, but it's an oldie I always liked...she looks so mischievous!
I have to agree, a gorgeous redhead. I like her expression a lot. :)
Thanks Miss B :) I always found it difficult to get a real life expression on V4 but found I could do it by being subtle.
I like the more subtle reds of her hair in this one. Very pretty. Getting V4's expressions to look natural is quite difficult, and I found the same solution you did, with having to go for the more subtle expressions to bring them out as naturally as possible. Nice work. :)
Thank you Seliah :) Yes, V4 can look just awful if you try for a full on expression...the poor girl looks like someone out of a freak show! I still use V4 when I want to use some of my steampunk long dresses and skirts as they just will not play nice on Dawn.
As others have said ... gorgeous redhead!

I agree about V4. I absolutely hated trying to put any kind of an expression on her. Subtle was definitely the key.

But then too ... when I look around at people, their expressions are usually rather subtle too.
Thanks Satira :) People's expressions tend to be subtle...then someone tells a joke and they all fall over laughing. That's what poor ol' V4 could never do, laugh at someone's joke...so glad Dawn has a sense of humour :)

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