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Pony Expressed
@Me195 Yes I just knew you would catch the fact I got lazy and didn't "weather" the hat, nor did I include an old weathered saddle or bridle or old beaten up mail pouch....lol Yes I let you down or perhaps I didn't...see how plump the buzzards are, they appear to have been well fed do they not....lol That hat might not be as old as you might think...lol

seriously there is a lot of symbolism in this, the pony express once lived then it died, but yet it still lives, in stories and folk lore and it is new as that hat provided you pick up the book and read it... I grew up on westerns, folk lore and wise tales and still feel a reverence when thinking of them...
Ahhh, but how did he they die? Could they have fallen prey to an unscrupulous outlaw. One who removed anything of value save for the hat? Thus leaving clean pickings for the buzzards.

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