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Dreams of Mardi Gras
Rae134 Fairy-Light Show Off Poses
Done with Bejewled textures by Rae134 and Fairy-Light
Daio's Show Off Poses
Wings are done in Photoshop and the background
I've put added the page to my bookmarks.
Is the the regular price or will it change?
I'm hoping to get them soon.
@Faery_Light Sometimes Fantasy Attic will run a sale on them, it just depends on what they are doing thematic wise. I know they were on sale during Feb. as part of their Feb sale. So you might just check back, but hey if you send me a PM I know I have tested for you so this would be a payback. I think I might still have them as a zip file, but not in this color exactly, but you can change them to suit your need in Photoshop using the Hue Image/Adjustment/Hue and Saturation tool.

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