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What does Pommerlis have in the HiveWire store?


Contributing Artist
The second set of poses for the Dragonbraid has been released.

Braided Again is a set of elegant poses for the Dragonbraid to compliment the In Style poses for Dawn.
You need Dawn, the Dragonbraid for Dawn & the In Style Poses for Dawn for these to work as shown in th set.

Included are;
  • 1 Default pose for Dawn
  • 1 Default pose for Dragonbraid Base
  • 1 Default pose for Dragonbraid Braid
  • 30 Poses for the Dragonbraid (15 plus their mirrored version)
View media item 5476
View media item 5475
View media item 5474

Product Page for Braided Again

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
I know, going to grab the first one. The second will have to wait until I can get Pom's pose set to go with it. ;)


Contributing Artist
I can't keep up with you girls LOL

Anyhew, while working on the duoposes for Diva and the Dog I managed to create a set esspecially for Diva and they have been released to the store.
It's a great set of poses to get you started on creating all sorts mischief for Diva to get herself into. Whether Diva climbs, balances, sits on a fence, plays hide & seek, these will provide a base to work from.
These poses will work in Poser & DazStudio

Included are;

  • 1 Default pose for Diva
  • 20 Poses for Diva (10 plus their mirrored version)

Product Page for Darling Diva