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What does Pommerlis have in the HiveWire store?


Contributing Artist
What a beautifull render, I can almost see him breath. He doesn't know what's gonna hit him from above is he?
Thank you for your compliment, it's a pleasure creating them and I love to see people enjoying them.


Contributing Artist
You can see them lurking about in the bushes, balancing on garden fences, stalking and hunting an innocent bird but they are also majestic in their walk, cuddly and starry eyed when they tempt you to forgive their misschief. They rule the house and they are in.

PuddyTat Poses for the HiveWire House Cat

1 Default pose for the HiveWire House Cat
18 Full Body poses for the HiveWire House Cat

View media item 2762
Some partial tailposes are included of wich two different Defaults for the tail.

1 Default poses for the Tail for a Standing Cat
1 Default poses for the Tail for a Sitting Cat
2 Partial poses for the tail & their mirrored versions

View media item 2763

Product Page PuddyTat Poses for HiveWire House Cat


Contributing Artist
Where mommie goes, het kittens go. What mommie does, her kittens try to do the same.....and maybe a little more.
This set of poses was made for the HiveWire Kitten but with some tweaking can be used for the Housecat aswell.

It contains;
  • 1 Default pose for the HiveWire Kitten
  • 1 Default pose for the Kitten's Tail
  • 13 Full Body poses for the Hivewire Kitten
  • 2 Duo Poses