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What does Pommerlis have in the HiveWire store?


Contributing Artist
Released in my store as of today, Cute Moves for BabyLuna.
Poses that were inspired by a figurine of 6 little sitting cherubs.

This set contains;
  • 10 Poses for Baby Luna and their mirrored versions
  • Default for Baby Luna
  • 5 Partial poses for the legs and their mirrored versions
  • Default for Baby Luna Legs
  • 5 Partial poses for the body and their mirror versions
  • Default for Baby Luna Body
View media item 948
And then there is a little bonus included. The poses of the 6 little sitting cherubs that are fixed and will create 6 little children sitting next to each other, holding one another, created as detailed as possible. Of course there are instructions included on how to use them.

View media item 949

Product Page Cute Moves for BabyLuna


HW Honey Bear
ohhh almost missed the fact that THIS set is where I can find the cherub poses!! and I love the one of her covering her mouth and I love the one... oh I LOVE THEM ALL!