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To all betatesters and content creaters


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Ok... so I am pouching... you could say. But with the closing of the shop it is likely that traffic in the forum will dwindle greatly. But there is a big need for betatesters... guys, you are worth gold to a CC! So... don't fade away! We still need every one of you.

When asked where I would go for selling, I decided to try my luck with DA. I have a good base there and quite a few watchers. So I thought, that maybe others could join me there, if not as vendors at DA, then to promote their products.

Also, CC would also be good betatesters. We should encourage each other and give support in getting our products int the stores, wherever you wish to sell. So I encourage all betatesters and CCs to take a look at the group at DA BetaTestersTitForTat on DeviantArt It's aim is to support each other, promote each others products by faving them and doing betatesting for each other. YES I KNOW! We all want to sell primarily! But there are a lot fewer betatesters out there than CCs... we have to do the work for each other occasionally. And no! Don't think about the competition! Buyers will buy what they like... if you have unique stuff the others are not competition! They are at most an encouragement to get better. And you can learn more about good products by betatesting than by doing a ton of tutorials!

So head over to DA and take a look. At the moment the group is still quite empty, but I hope that we will soon have a lively support group to make life for all of us a bit easier and more profitable!


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I have noticed the forums are busier now than they have been for quite some time. I'm not going anywhere, will still be hanging around here, especially considering how awful the rendo forums are. :)


Seems to me the forums here are a lot more busy than those at Rendo. I know DAZ is even busier,but I rarely participate there anymore. Plus I hope to keep in touch with everyone who's been posting here in the past while I work on my Directory.


This is the only forum I watch on a daily basis. So, I will be here for awhile. (I only go to DAZ forums if I am looking for something specific and I haven't commented there for a very long time.)

I visit dA daily but don't consider that a forum. It's a place to put images. I am looking more at ArtStation. But since I am not currently in a mode to sell my art, not sure how much I will be over there.

I don't make resolutions for the new year. For 2021 I do have casual promises to myself that I am under no legal obligation to fulfill. One of those casual promises is to make better use of my time (instead of watching Netflix and Hulu).

I have already started scheduling time for other things and getting better about sticking to that schedule.

On the schedule is more time relearning Studio and creating images again. I've started reviewing tutorials to get back up to speed on the theory side. We'll see how that goes, but it looks hopeful that I can get into other habits.

Not sure I will do beta testing. I perceive that takes a bit more skill set than I have. But, who knows.

Miss B

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I have noticed the forums are busier now than they have been for quite some time.
We have had an influx of new members here on the forum since the official announcement the HW3D store is closing, and that HiveWire products are moving to the HiveWire store at Renderosity.

I'm sure a good many of them were customers in the HW3D store, but not on the forums until now, and I've noticed many of them have been visiting here on a daily basis since joining the forum.

This forum isn't going anywhere, and I'm sure we won't really lose many members, unless it's a member that's not here on a regular basis. I can't imagine any of our members who post on the forums regularly not posting because the HW3D store, and a good many others, are now going to be over at Renderosity.

Our CAs have their beta testers here, and if they're creating products for the HW3D characters both human and animal, they'll still want their current beta testers to be able to beta test for them, and I can't imagine why any of the CA's current beta testers not continuing to do so here.