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Straw Poll: How Confident Are You In The Material Room ?

How confident are you at using the Material Room's Advanced tab ?

  • I don't use the Material Room

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I've always wondered what proportion of Poser users actually enjoy romping around in the Material Room...

Single vote - the options should in ascending order from lowest to highest confidence

I've kicked off the voting. Just in case it's not obvious already, I love playing in the material room - it's probably my favourite place !

Satira Capriccio

Contributing Artist
I don't understand what all nodes actually do, but that doesn't stop me from setting up my own materials from scratch ;)


Dances with Bees
I don't understand what all nodes actually do, but that doesn't stop me from setting up my own materials from scratch ;)

Me too, Satira!

I bought a product at Renderosity years ago that really helped me learn how to use the nodes more effectively. Sadly, it went into Clearance and is no longer available.

But, it was a Tabala package that set up specific kinds of materials and you had to add your own textures and bumps to the settings.

It was a great teaching tool and encouraged me to learn the advanced tab.


Contributing Artist
Im still very new to it but I enjoyed messing around with it when I did Diva. Happily deleted and added a few nodes. My biggest issue is I'm used to ShaderMixer and the bricks are different.
I want a choice that says "I am totally lost but I still add a few nodes and delete some others randomly". Not really, I usually have a plan however poorly thought out it is . This is even more likely with the advent of Superfly.

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Back when I was using Poser 5, I rarely did anything but tweak, which is pretty much what I did in DS when I started with it as well.

Since getting back to Poser with Version 9 two and a half years ago, I've done some adding of nodes, especially anisotropic for shine on lips and nails of character skins I don't see it on, and occasionally delete nodes. One of these days I'm going to try creating my own from scratch, but where that's concerned, it's pretty much the basics with Diffuse, Spec (where necessary) and Bump maps. I really haven't learned all the other goodies available, though I have a good tutorial, so I need to find time to play with it.


HW Honey Bear
I love the advanced material room… Especially we and using Texture Transformer and get everything right and then I saved the whole batch of settings as an MC6! That's a very handy thing to be able to do. And for example with the gorilla needing to have that ambient number turned 0, then I don't have to wait for an update in this set I can just save the whole thing as a new material to apply the "non-gamma required" black gorilla! :) There was no selection in the poll for this option so I just chose the one that says I fiddle a lot with the existing nodes.

Gadget Girl

Contributing Artist
I live somewhere in between I fiddle with settings of existing nodes and I add a few extra nodes and delete some nodes I don't want.
For instance I spent a lot of today trying to create my own material, both from existing nodes, and from scratch. Followed some tutorials, had a really complicated setup going for a while. Threw the whole thing out several times, finally ended up with something I like, and it ended up mostly being a normal map and a diffuse color. . .


Dream Weaver Designs
Mostly I start with some thing close to what I want and then all bets are off lol. I'll add, delete, move connections, change settings, throw it all out and start over :roflmao: Most of the time I get what I was after and some times I get some thing cool thats wasn't what I had in mind at all!