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How do I make a smog layer in the sky with volume?


I've successfully used 3dcheapskate's height-dependent fog shader to make a ground-hugging fog in Superfly (I just switched depth cue to volume), but now I want to do the reverse and have a fog layer that's almost clear at ground level and thickens as it goes up. It doesn't translate directly just by inverting things, which I'm guessing is because trying to layer something onto infinite sky is much different than layering it onto a ground plane? So I've put in an atmosphere box, but still not having much luck. I just don't know the math that's involved in that sort of blending. I'd appreciate any help I can get.


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Afrodite-Ohki's AO Level Up Superfly lights include a very effective atmosphere for this type of image. I used it here.


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Sounds like you want a sort of cyberpunk/noir city, relatively clear at ground level but quickly getting foggier in the towers further up. I did make the 3dcheapskate node layout and tinker, but the best I could do was raise the fog slightly so that the sidewalk became a little more visible.

Then my thoughts were:

Make a 180-degree rotation on all the models? Render and flip it back in Photoshop?

Load the Poser scene to Vue, and there use one of Vue's highly controllable atmospheres?


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I did something like this on a magma pit that sank below ground level, but can't even load that up to show the node setup. May not even have those scenes anymore (HD corruption, not sure how bad it is currently). There might be a way to invert it using blend nodes and the subtract node... unfortunately I can't even experiment right now as I have no working graphics machine.
Try some simple color experiments on a primitive to get the right combo of nodes, then you will know how to set it up on the atmosphere shader.