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  1. Balance


    First play with Willow for Dawn:)
  2. Roberta

    For 3DU's Willow for Dawn.........

    Hi, scuse me if this topic is likely to be a repetition of some past post:) I would like to see some pieces of wardrobe for Willow in the market. Jeans or long trousers, T-shirt with long sleeves or half sleeves, a coat, normal clothes, not fantasy.
  3. An Oriental Dream

    An Oriental Dream

  4. Willow Fae

    Willow Fae

    I mixed and matched a bit with this one. I used Willow for Dawn, gave her the bodymats of Sora, posed her in one of my InStyle poses for Dawn. She's wearing Satira Capriccio's Clarette Rose for Dawn with TheBeesKnees texture part 2. The hair is Hr-133 by Ali. I think it turned out quite nice.
  5. Tomb Hunter

    Tomb Hunter

  6. At Your Right

    At Your Right

    there is a little helper
  7. Autumn Fairy

    Autumn Fairy

  8. Willow