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  1. Urban Cool

    Urban Cool

    190_UrbanCoolforG8F by Kaos3D
  2. Have A Nice Day!

    Have A Nice Day!

    Sora, String Bikini, Fashionista Hair, Dawn's Skinny Jeans, Ghostman's MadGhost Sawed off Shotgun.
  3. Sorajuku Close Up

    Sorajuku Close Up

    Doing some custom eye textures.
  4. Sorajuku


    Sora with Flower Fairy For Dawn outfit.
  5. So Ladies....... What if men were motorcycles?

    So Ladies....... What if men were motorcycles?

    Just a fun one using Sora!
  6. UrbanNatureSample_byPhotoGG_1600


    Urban Nature Sample
  7. UrbanNatureMiniPak_Widescreen2_ShowAll


    Previews of the images in the Urban Nature MiniPak
  8. seachnasaigh

    Superfly light-casting materials for Dystopia city blocks

    Superfly lightcaster for Dystopia Materials to make Dystopia city blocks self-illuminated when rendered in Poser 11+ Superfly It also has add-on marquee props for block 05 (one set at the tiny scale at which Dystopia loads, and a smart prop which loads with block 05 at Poser people scale):