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staff pose

  1. Monkey Staff pose

    Monkey Staff pose

  2. Leap Strike DAZ

    Leap Strike DAZ

  3. Lookout_dusk


  4. Dawn_staff_movement


    This is the Morph I have created for my Staff Prop for new pose set, works in Poser fine and allow for only a few props for a range of poses but I can't figure out how to do in DAZ :(
  5. jonrea

    Movement morph for prop in DAZ

    Hi peeps, I am trying to create a staff prop in DAZ, I already have this sorted for Poser, but would like DAZ people to have too, for my Dawn staff poses set. I wish to create a parented staff prop which slides back and forth along the shaft to allow it to fit the multiple poses I have...
  6. Kaede Rest

    Kaede Rest

  7. Kaede Thai Crouch

    Kaede Thai Crouch

  8. Kaede Balance

    Kaede Balance

  9. Kaede lookout

    Kaede lookout

    Staff pose for Dawn