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  1. As One

    As One

  2. Cho in the garden

    Cho in the garden

    Poser/Superfly. Dawn: The Face of Asia: Cho morph and textures. My SF skin shaders. SAV Berlin Hairs.
  3. LaFemme Shadersplay2

    LaFemme Shadersplay2

    Poser/Superfly. Experimenting with my skin shaders on La Femme.
  4. La Femme - Shadersplay 1

    La Femme - Shadersplay 1

    La Femme default face. Aram hair by SAV. Superfly skin shaders by me.
  5. Project Evolution character study

    Project Evolution character study

  6. Raffaella Girl

    Raffaella Girl

    Sympatico Studio Promo
  7. The Lady In Black

    The Lady In Black

    Experimenting DOF with iray
  8. Elisabeth - Chocolate And Gold

    Elisabeth - Chocolate And Gold

    Elisabeth by MDC (G3F)
  9. City Lady

    City Lady

    Elene HD by Raiya DS/Iray
  10. Eva-Finley


    Eva7 morph with FWSA Finley skin DS/Iray
  11. Olivia 1 - character study

    Olivia 1 - character study

    Character sudy and experiment with Iray bloom feature. DazStudio/Iray. Olivia for V6 by MDC
  12. Studio DawnSE

    Studio DawnSE

    One of Dawn SE makeups with my shaders in Superfly. DejaVu hair by SAV.
  13. Gretchen : Here's my number...

    Gretchen : Here's my number...

    So, call me maybe?! My second render of Gretchen Credits : Ghost Shades by Ghostman Juni Hair by Biscuits Comments are welcome. Thanks JV
  14. Ready For The Scene

    Ready For The Scene