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  1. Layana La Femme

    Layana La Femme

    Layana_La Femme by Divabug
  2. Sleeping With The Enemy

    Sleeping With The Enemy

    Macarena By Mousso, HiveWire Big Cat, Black Panther Coat texture
  3. Black Panther Full Moon

    Black Panther Full Moon

    Climbing up the ridge to see the full moon resulted in more exciting of a view than expected! ;-)
  4. Jungle Princess

    Jungle Princess

  5. Winged Kitties

    Winged Kitties

  6. Big And Little

    Big And Little

    HW Black Panther and HW House Cat with modified texture.
  7. Kali Ma

    Kali Ma

    HiveWire Big Cat, CWRW's Leopard for the HW cat
  8. Oh Brother!

    Oh Brother!

    love the new Jungle Kids!!
  9. Moonlight Walk

    Moonlight Walk

    Big Cats taking a walk in the moonlight
  10. Urban Jungle

    Urban Jungle

  11. On Alert

    On Alert

  12. The Panther

    The Panther

  13. Whisper Kitties

    Whisper Kitties

    Same as my Whispers image but with some textures changed and sun in slightly different position. Iray Render. I just changed the colour displacement map on the coats and horns to my kitties ones (still has CWRW bump/spec, eyes etc)
  14. The Cat Clan

    The Cat Clan

    Fantasy Cat textures I've been working on for Harry