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  1. Summer Lake-sm

    Summer Lake-sm

    Got a new tablet, had to do a PD Howler landscape!
  2. Boat To Golden Island-sm

    Boat To Golden Island-sm

    PD Howler 11.2 My first time painting a boat! And didn't use a reference! lol.
  3. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    IMArts Landscape Freebies - Realistic 2018-03-02

    2 0 Background Mattes. More information is available at the download site. These are smaller images than the ones available at my store.
  4. Three Amigos-Sunset-sm

    Three Amigos-Sunset-sm

    Inspired by Homeward Bound. HiveWire Shetland, BigDog, HouseCat. My background painted in PD Howler
  5. Lilacs


    PD Howler 11
  6. Inktober #13

    Inktober #13

  7. Inktober #11

    Inktober #11

  8. Inktober #10

    Inktober #10

  9. Inktober #8

    Inktober #8

  10. Inktober #7

    Inktober #7

  11. Devil In Blue

    Devil In Blue

    DD3 blue skins
  12. Inktober-6


    High Isles-sm I knew I would be doing some of my Inktober, as 3D or other media, so here is the first of the non-ink versions. Slowly catching up.
  13. Inktober-1


    First art of the month. Didn't get one in for yesterday. They all won't be drawings, I'm going to do any kind of art, to just do it.
  14. Mountain Vista-sm

    Mountain Vista-sm

    Digital Painting. Original on my Devientart page
  15. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    The Gorge 2017-07-11

    A background texture to render against, or use as an environment texture for Iray, etc. Can be used in any manner, unrestricted use. 4096 x 2160 Just a picture so works in DS and Poser. If folks like them, I'll do more!
  16. Newest Angel

    Newest Angel

    Heaven's Newest Angel Testing Render for Pen's new Deirdre character.
  17. Dahlia Herbert

    Dahlia Herbert