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  1. The Seven Year Itch

    The Seven Year Itch

    Lully's beautiful freebie and dForce
  2. Mucha Dance

    Mucha Dance

    A tribute to Mucha's Dance using Lully's beautiful "Mucha Props"
  3. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    Need a quick Beta Test for Lully's Alice Dress

    Just need to make sure that the textures load okay. Must have one of the versions of the Alice Dress (V4 or Dawn)
  4. Sitting Pretty

    Sitting Pretty

  5. Dawn

    Watercolour Backgrounds 2016-12-30

    10 Backgrounds in jpeg format. Sorry it's a bit late, but still 2016 :D number 3 used on the freebie stage prop
  6. "Where's the bread?!"

    "Where's the bread?!"

    Oh no, Polly forgot the bread for the ducks!
  7. Summer Jojo

    Summer Jojo

  8. the Christmas pony

    the Christmas pony

    HW Luna, wearing Lully's Frills and Spills and April's free Baybee hair http://shop.aprilsvanity.com/free-items/baybee-hair-model-textures.html ; Hivewire Rocking horse
  9. Dawn

    Lully's Freebies

    Hi All, I've uploaded my first freebie to resources. I'll add to this thread as and when I upload more, I do have one other I am working on so hopefully will be up later this week. Cheers Dawn (oh called it Lully's Freebies as Dawn's freebies will be confusing, :D First up...