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  1. Parmy

    How To Use The Spotlight Settings in Daz Studio

    In this video I will go through the individual settings that Spotlights have in Daz Studio. Click here to watch Distant Lights Tutorial and learn what the illumination, colour, Intensity and Photometric modes do. » https://youtu.be/O6CwO7ch_jI?t=158 Click here to watch Daz Studio...
  2. Winterbrose A&G

    The Beginner's Guide to Lighting and Renders for Daz Studio

    TBG3 Lighting and Renders Are you having difficulty getting lights added to your scene? Or are your renders coming out dark, drab and lifeless? Turn on the lights in Daz Studio and create some cool artwork! Grab a copy of this tutorial to take you step-by-step from using the default lighting...
  3. Dusk And Miss Kitty

    Dusk And Miss Kitty

  4. Nefertiti


  5. Mumma Cat

    Mumma Cat

    3 of Faery_Lights textures
  6. Play Fight

    Play Fight

    3 of Faery_Lights textures
  7. seachnasaigh

    Superfly lamp kit for HiveWire Fantasy Gazebo

    Superfly lamp kit for HiveWire Fantasy Gazebo Rendered in Superfly, this kit will make the lamps actively cast light, with either blue or yellow flames. The flames are animated (30f loop). Lightcasting strength is adjustable in the material room. My material modifications to the...
  8. seachnasaigh

    Superfly light-casting materials for Dystopia city blocks

    Superfly lightcaster for Dystopia Materials to make Dystopia city blocks self-illuminated when rendered in Poser 11+ Superfly It also has add-on marquee props for block 05 (one set at the tiny scale at which Dystopia loads, and a smart prop which loads with block 05 at Poser people scale):