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  1. Peacock Kirin

    Peacock Kirin

  2. The Kirin Guard Clan

    The Kirin Guard Clan

  3. Kirin Rampant

    Kirin Rampant

    Serious space critter!
  4. carmen indorato

    Stag morph set forHarry/Kirin set

    Would love more fantasy stag morphs and props for Harry/Kirin set. White stag for instance for the forest fey or one with moss hanging from a huge rack of antlers and fantasy fey tac one can use in a piece of artwork on The Dark Hunt.
  5. Magazine Cover - Stallion Directory - Legends Edition

    Magazine Cover - Stallion Directory - Legends Edition

    A Mock Mag Cover - Kirin morph
  6. Unlikely Friends

    Unlikely Friends

    different "centaur types"
  7. TheArtisticHermit-Kyrin


    Kirin for hivewire horse http://hivewire3d.com/kirin-for-the-hivewire-horse.html Evi Hair by biscuits - https://www.renderosity.com/mod/bcs/biscuits-evi-hair/118859/
  8. The Peacock II

    The Peacock II