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immortal moments

  1. Bejeweled And Seahorse

    Bejeweled And Seahorse

    Bejeweled and Sparkled combined with the Seahorse tail and mane. Background from the Land-Escapes - Oceans vol 1
  2. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    Daz Studio IM- PlainFuzzy for Sleeper for Baby Luna 2017-01-12

    Four Simple solid fuzzy Textures for the Sleeper for Baby Luna. One is white so you can tint it any color. Was a Christmas Freebie for the Attic.
  3. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    Daz Studio IM- Diapers & Pins for Baby Luna 2016-12-19

    Apparently I never linked these here. Diaper covers and pins for the Diapers that come with Baby Luna. Lots of different colors and prints! The diaper pins could even be used for Punk accessories! Need Baby Luna to use. Sorry DS only, though the material files are there for the experienced to use.
  4. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    Poser & DS IM- Fantasy Unicorn - Chroma-TieDye 2016-12-18

    Due to popular vote, the TieDye set of textures for the Unicorn/Horse have been released free. The read-me contains all the instructions for use. There are textures for both DS and Poser. They work with any Breed morph that I tested, and add a bit of groovy fun to your renders. Besides, eyes...
  5. The Babysitter - Luna Sleepers Teaser

    The Babysitter - Luna Sleepers Teaser

    Some of my new textures for the Gitterati Sleeper for Baby Luna.