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  1. Beside The Seaside

    Beside The Seaside

    Beside the Seaside for Daz Studio by BlueTreeStudio
  2. FJ Rust

    FJ Rust

    FJ Holden by Stezza
  3. FJ Holden

    FJ Holden

    FJ Holden by Stezza
  4. FJ Roo

    FJ Roo

    The FJ Holden by Stezza (Thank you!)
  5. FJ With Twin  Hotdogs

    FJ With Twin Hotdogs

    Rendered in Carrara
  6. FJ Holden With Lion

    FJ Holden With Lion

    Rendered in Carrara
  7. Old Shop

    Old Shop

    Tried to get a late 50's early 60's feel to this one. Modeled and rendered in Carrara
  8. When Holdens Ruled

    When Holdens Ruled

    Rendered in Carrara
  9. A Pug's Life

    A Pug's Life

    Never a dull moment :-) Rendered in Carrara
  10. Off The Beaten Track With The FX

    Off The Beaten Track With The FX

    Rendered in Carrara.
  11. City Nights

    City Nights

  12. FJ Up Ship Creek

    FJ Up Ship Creek

    Modelled FJ Holden in Carrara This is the first test render so excuse the imperfections in the mesh :-)