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  1. F

    Import comes put tiny?

    I export my character model from DAZ 3D and import it into Blender. When I export my character model from Blender back into DAZ 3D, the model is extremely tiny. How can I get the the model to stay the correct size?
  2. F

    Head not lined up?

    I made a topic a bit ago describing that when I export my model from DAZ 3D, during the export process, the head becomes giant and falls out of place. It winds up that way no matter what program I open it in afterward (Blender, 3DS MAX). I did find a solution for that problem. If I export the...
  3. F

    Hair not really connected to the head?

    I have a model in DAZ 3D, and when I export it as an FBX into other programs (Blender, 3DS MAX), the hair isn't connected to the character's head. Why is this? How can I fix it?
  4. F

    Exporting wrong?

    I exported a character model as an FBX from DAZ 3D, and when I open it in Blender, the head appears giant, crooked, and the hair is out of place. Why is this happening and how can I fix this?
  5. Charles West

    How do I save a pp2 file from DAZ Studio?

    years ago with older studio versions I seem to recall the ability to save a .pp2 file. I have searched and searched until I was ready to pull my hair out. Is there a way to create a .pp2 file from Studio 4.9 that I cannot find? Charles West formerly Caligreal
  6. F

    DAZ to Poser - how?

    I did an add - on for the HiveWireHorse in DAZ and people would like to use it in poser too. How can I export the stuff to poser? Or more lazily, would somebody do it for me? Once inside Poser I will be able to more or less tweak what needs tweaking but I can't seem to find any instructions how...