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  1. D3Dynamics Poses Vol 1

    D3Dynamics Poses Vol 1

    D3Dynamics Poses Volume 1 by Disciple3D
  2. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    Problems with Dynamics Sim

    I am having issues with doing a sim on a dress. It's dynamic, not conforming, I've gone through the sim tutorials 5 times. I tried setting the pose at 30 and setting the pose at 21 and then letting it finish out to 30. All of the parameters on the dress are set to default (zero). This is a...
  3. Dawn

    Lully's Hw Products

    Hi All Just a head's up to let you know that the December Dynamics set is now in store. There is no Value Stack but each item is 15% off intro sale for the next two weeks. This month's set comes with an additional bonus of 8 christmassy materials, they are not in any other packs, they also come...