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  1. Gipsy dance.jpg

    Gipsy dance.jpg

  2. Joy


    Joy! dForce Outfit for Genesis 8 Females by ArtTailor
  3. Melita


    Melita G8F by Valkyrie
  4. Urban Cool

    Urban Cool

    190_UrbanCoolforG8F by Kaos3D
  5. VERSUS Angelically Naughty

    VERSUS Angelically Naughty

    VERSUS - dforce only Angelically Naughty G8F by Anagord
  6. VERSUS Lyrical

    VERSUS Lyrical

    VERSUS - Lyrical dForce dress for G8F by Anagord
  7. Sensation


    dforce - Sensation - Genesis 8 by kaleya
  8. Summerjam


    Summerjam - dforce Basics Skirt by LUNA3D
  9. Spring Flirt

    Spring Flirt

    dforce - Spring Flirt - G8F by kaleya
  10. VERSUS Dorothy Outfit For G8F

    VERSUS Dorothy Outfit For G8F

    VERSUS - dForce Dorothy Outfit for G8F by Anagord
  11. Elation


    dforce - Elation - Genesis 8 by kaleya
  12. Secrets LaFemme Sexy Body By Rae134

    Secrets LaFemme Sexy Body By Rae134

    Poser render of Secrets LaFemme Sexy Body, a Texture Expansion by ArtOfDreams for Dyn Sexy Body for La Femme by Karth
  13. Dance With Me

    Dance With Me

  14. Cat Just Dance

    Cat Just Dance

    Testing for Mininessis up-coming Anthro pack of poses for the HW House Cat. These poses are awesome!
  15. ibr_remote

    I did a 3-figure dance animation using Poser Pro 11

    I used 3 of the Poser Lo Res Woman, and applied 3 different BVH dance motions from perfume Global website. I rendered the video and uploaded to YouTube, and added one fo the official YouTube music tracks without advertising, and of approximately similar duration to my video.
  16. Moon Dancer

    Moon Dancer

    Created this September 2013.
  17. Dancing Damselfly

    Dancing Damselfly

    Just an update to the materials for my dForce test (made them blue to match the Damselflies :))
  18. D DForce Test

    D DForce Test

    dForce test
  19. Dawn And Dusk At The Barn Dance

    Dawn And Dusk At The Barn Dance

    Dawn inviting the new guy out to dance!
  20. Dusk Dance 1

    Dusk Dance 1

    Just having fun playing with Dusk. Inspired by all those over the top, fun and fab Bollywood dance numbers:) Also features my Classic Denims for Dusk Skinny Jeans and my Rodrigo texture for Dusk soon to be released. LOTS of Ron's Brushes put to work here too:)