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  1. Off Shoulder

    Off Shoulder

    dforce Off Shoulder Bikini by Calico
  2. Summer Sleek

    Summer Sleek

    Summer Sleek Hair and Accessories for G8F by ArtTailor
  3. Lidia


    Teen Lidia G8F by Anagord
  4. VERSUS Flirty Innocence

    VERSUS Flirty Innocence

    VERSUS - dforce only Flirty Innocence G8 by Anagord
  5. Ooops It´s Cold!

    Ooops It´s Cold!

  6. Aritz For G8M

    Aritz For G8M

    Aritz for G8M by bu_es I did for Sympatico Studio
  7. Set And Spike

    Set And Spike

    More summer fun at the beach!
  8. Look Daddy

    Look Daddy

  9. Posers


    Testing for Mininessis up-coming Anthro pack of poses. These poses are awesome!
  10. Beach Babes

    Beach Babes

  11. Wet Dragon

    Wet Dragon

  12. Wet


  13. Wet2


  14. Look What I Caught

    Look What I Caught

    Dusk SE Custom Char
  15. At the beach

    At the beach

  16. Cassidyulia


    A type of Character of my own creation, called a "Vandread", they are somewhat Fey-like on the first glance.
  17. Day At The Beach II

    Day At The Beach II

    Alaric II textures
  18. Day At The Beach

    Day At The Beach

    Alaric II, Quarter Horse with a little Shetland thrown in.
  19. Appy


    I think this was just about the first render with the New Dawn I did. Appy texture is a converted CWRW texture.