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  1. Good Father

    Good Father

  2. Roberta

    Two texture for Luna Booties

    Hi, If any of you have the "Luna Booties by willyb53" package, I've added two more "dark" textures :) These two enrich the package of add-ons I had been making for some time. HERE the link
  3. Natures Child

    Natures Child

    Had to create an image with Dusk & BabyLuna after spoiling myself with some items for these two.
  4. mininessie

    WIP Fall textures for Baby Luna long sleeves

    well..i´m trying hard...but don´t sure it will reach the quality...because is not easy to do a bumpmap for it....hope that issue will not matter.:oops: here a few images
  5. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    Daz Studio Butterflies for BabyLuna 2017-05-15

    One shirt texture and one jeans texture for Karth's LongSleeve for Luna and Karth's Jeans for Luna. Fun and summery!
  6. Dakorillon (IMArts)

    Testers for BabyLuna Clothing

    Currently DS only, But, Poser too after things are finalized. Textures for Karth's LongSleeve Shirt for BabyLuna and Jeans for BabyLuna. Let me know! Samples in my BabyLuna Clothing thread.
  7. What'cha Doin'?

    What'cha Doin'?

    Luna as Deirdre, HW HouseCat, HW Horse-Vanner Skin, Shetland morph, my customizing. Post work in FilterForge and PD Howler 10