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  1. F

    Manually scroll around the 2D Pattern Window?

    In Marvelous Designer, is there a way to manually scroll around the 2D Pattern Window?
  2. JaneEdens Dogs

    JaneEdens Dogs

    JaneEdens Dogs by JaneEden
  3. Dawn

    Freebie Watercolour Backgrounds

    Just been messing in filterforge and done some watercolour backs for ya. They are available in the resource section here at hivewire3d. Also look good inverted, so you get a double whammy. Watercolour Backgrounds
  4. Dawn

    Watercolour Backgrounds 2016-12-30

    10 Backgrounds in jpeg format. Sorry it's a bit late, but still 2016 :D number 3 used on the freebie stage prop
  5. Faery_Light

    Faery_Light's Freebies

    I have several free items at sharecg so pop over and have a look... ShareCG - sahani's portfolio FYI: Sahani is just an older nick, simply means "Blue". Just added to sharecg...FL Appaloosa-III - 2D Resources - ShareCG