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Zbrush on old 32bit computer?


I am using a 32 bit old computer and was wondering is it worth putting Zbrush on it? if so how do I go around getting Zbrush 32 bit downloaded? Or is it the same download as the 64 bit version? I think I have a version I used on my 64 bit computer (which is now dead) in my archives.

Jay Versluis

Believe it or not, but even the latest version of ZBrush is still primarily a 32-bit application! They've now included a 64-bit beta version, which is running stable, but when you buy it, you have one installer with a choice of two launchers (32 or 64-bit).

The next version shall presumably be 64-bit only, but it's many months or even years away.

No matter which version you are running, a capable graphics card is less important than a fast CPU.

Jay Versluis

Thanks Dylan - I noticed there was only one launcher icon. I'm on a Mac, so I thought it's because macOS is only available as 64bit anyway. Are you on Windows? Is it the same there?


I think everyone should download the ZBrush trial and play with it. While it isn't the easiest to learn and has an old fashioned interface, once learned it is so quick to do almost everything. Plus the interface can be customized to bits.