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Is there a Gen4 cat-headed character?


I was looking at Daz's Cat World stuff and that's all Genesis, with the earlier stuff being not really cat-headed but more cat textures on a human head. I am looking for an actual cat's head on a human body. Has someone done that sort of character yet? Or will I need to Frankenstein some figures together?


There is one for Dawn: Felis Felicis - A Sparky 3d Creation

Do you need it to be a house cat head or just a cat head? Because Sparky also has a lion-headed figure for V4 at her store: Leonese V4 [Victoria 4] - $8.75 : PhilosophersEgg.com, The Alchemy of Art

It has a texture add on as well: Leonese V4 Texture Expansion [Victoria 4] - $6.50 : PhilosophersEgg.com, The Alchemy of Art

There's also Melody 2.0 for V4/Genesis over at DAZ, but that one is toony.

If you have CDI's Morphia for V4 there is a cat head preset though, again, it's a bit on the toony side.


I do have Leonese but I am looking for a housecat style head, something just like the Felis Felicis. I tried the cat head from Creature Creator and...well, I'll just show you. After I quit laughing I tried enlarging the head a bit to get rid of that shrunken-head look but it did nothing for the human-style chin or overall...well, just goofiness. I don't think that was meant to look like an actual cat, I guess. Ah well, maybe this will be more motivation for me to learn modeling myself. xD

Shrunken Cat Head.png
Oh yeah, that looks bad. No idea which Poser you use, but did you try to dial in the cat head to your liking and then use the morph brush to get rid off of the human chin?

Other option would be to export the dialed in head as OBJ and use an external sculpt program of your choice.

Next option would be indeed Melody for V4 - no idea about textures though, but the face looks much better. If the leonese or the Cat Worlds textures will work, it may get you a better looking cat. Though probably better to find someone who has her to get the info about her maps.
Melody 2.0 | 3D Models and 3D Software by Daz 3D
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I looked at Melody and wondered how she'd look with the Leonese maps. Partial morphs and mixes sometimes work and the texture is a big part. But they didn't make a Micah 2.0 and I'm not sure Melody would work on M4. Anyone own this that could try and see?

Oh and I've got Poser 11. I could mess with the cat head, it would just take a LOT of sculpting so I'm looking for an easier solution first. ;)


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Maybe load the figure and a cat. Make all the cats parts invisible except the head and neck then apply to figure?


I may end up doing that, it's what I've done in past. There used to be a little java program I could use to actually cut up a figure and take parts of it without having to load the whole mesh, I might be able to find that again.


Actually, I have found that, with a little bit of morph sliding, it is possible to get a credible cat head out of V4's Creature Creator morphs. I guess it all depends on what sort of anthro cat one is looking for.




Yeah, that's great for a lot of furry styles. I'm looking for a more naturally catlike cat head to render Khajiit characters from Elder Scrolls. :)