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i found a tip for LAMH with Iray


Dances with Bees
Contributing Artist
hello...perhaps you know it...but i just found it.
when i make a scene and use LAHM ...with the obj option to use with Iray and i save it...if i close DS and open
the scene again...the LAHM preset is there,but the obj dessapear and i have to do the exporting again.
Easy way to fix it...after you have the obj with the Iray setting and maps done...unparent from the LAHM instance and parent to the figure...for example...mule deer...you will have two objects "HiveWire Horse_Grp_0"
and "HiveWire Horse_Grp_1" you need to parent them to "HiveWire Horse" then you can delete the "HiveWire Horse LAMH Group" created and save the scene....next time you open the scene... the obj hair will be there for you.
Hope this help :)