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How to create a metal shader


Wolff Playing with Beez!
Contributing Artist
So I'm in Poser 11. I released a nice set of basic shaders over at the 'Rosity freebie section found here:

Basic Shader Pack for Poser

Next step is to make some metallic shaders. What I'm doing and why I'm doing this is to gain knowledge of how things work in the Material room in Poser BUT I do NOT like the reflect node so was hoping for another way around getting a nice metallic shader built!

Any help in understanding this better?

Thanks so much!



Contributing Artist
I like to use the Physical Surface root node. Set Metallic to 1, then the reflections will be coloured by whatever is in the Colour bit. The appearance of the reflections will be affected by any bump or normal map, but also by the Roughness. A low value like 0.05 will give tight and bright highlights with sharp reflections, a high value like 0.9 will make the highlights much softer and spread out, and the reflections will be very blurry. Once you start using maps or procedurals as well you can get a lot of different looks quite easily.

Superfly as I don't really use Firefly any more (it works, just doesn't look as good) -

gold1 mat.jpg
gold2 mat.jpg


Wolff Playing with Beez!
Contributing Artist
Thank you so much. OK. I'll go that route. Same question over at 'Rosity and the person ignored that I don't care for the reflect node and posted what I already knew! LOL Every little bit helps but there is just something about that node that just seems "off" to me. This looks more like what I'm wanting to create. :)