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Converting Poser morphs to DS


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So you've seen a you beaut morph for Dawn but it's not for DS. Don't panic...it's possible to convert these morphs to DS. Here's my method for converting them. Taken from the anchorage thread...

Well, I've done it! Gotten poser injections into DS. Much thanks to Paul who pointed the way in his thread.

I found that I couldn't get the injections to transfer using the Transfer Utility like Paul suggested so instead I started in Poser, loaded the poser version of Dawn and injected the characters. The first character I did was Kaleya's Esmeralda.

The injections should load at 1. Leave them like this.

Save a cr2 in the character library. Make sure you know where you saved it so you can find it later. I named mine things like Kaleyamorphs...for easy reference. You save a cr2 when you are in the figures section by clicking on the square with the plus sign on it.

Close Poser.

Start DS and load your cr2 file with the morphs.

In the scene tab select your cr2.

Now the next part you can do in a couple of ways Paul suggests right clicking on the scene tab itself or you can click on the triangle with the lines gizmo on the right hand side at the top of the tab.

Either will bring up the same menu go to Edit/Rigging/Convert figure to weight mapping this will load a new dialogue box.

It should pop up with Triax Weight Mapping selected all you need to do is click accept.

Load the DS version of Dawn

Using the menu that we used earlier whichever method you prefer e.g. right clicking on the scene tab, icon with triangle with lines ...select Assets/Transfer utility or you can just click on the transfer utility icon on the right hand side of the screen which is my normal method. Not sure how you have DS set up so I've given alternatives in case you don't have the icon.

The transfer utility dialogue box should pop up.

For your source item select the cr2 file you created...for the target item select the DS version of Dawn.

Click show options...this should open up the box and you'll have lots of yellow ticks showing. Untick all boxes except morph targets and click accept.

This should transfer the morphs across and did for esmeralda. However when I tried doing it with Nissa it didn't work...so I came up with a work around.

What I did was hide everything in the scene except for my cr2. I dialed in only one of the morphs I wanted to transfer e.g. Nissa Head. I set the mesh resolution in the parameters tab to base and 0.

Then I went to file /export and exported it as an wavefront object file using Daz scale. I normally save it to a folder with my name under Runtime/Geometries

Then I selected the DS Dawn and clicked on the morph loader pro icon...if you don't have one showing go to Assets/Morph Loader Pro using the methods above.

A new dialogue box will pop up. Click on choose morph files and load up your object file that you exported.

Your object should show up underneath in the box under item. Click on the triangle to see all the options.

Now you can just click accept here and you will have the morph load but I prefer to make sure its where I like it in the parameter tab so I right click on the property group and select where I want the morph to live. My personal preference for a head morph is Actor/01_Head/01_FullHead/01_Morphs but I was recently told my someone I was testing for that Hivewire requests morphs elsewhere so it's up to you where you want it to live. I like the morphs together so that I can easily look at all the ear morphs together as I dial spin my own characters. If you want all the morphs together as you just use the presets that okay too.

Either of the above methods should get your morphs from Poser to DS...but wait you say the morphs won't stay in so how do I save the morphs.

Okay, first before saving them I would suggest checking them out in the parameters tab....for example it is an ear morph you will want to set it up so it doesn't autofollow. Otherwise you'll end up constantly fixing hairs that have followed your ear morphs...not a pretty sight.

Click on the parameters tab...find your morphs.

Right click on your morph and select edit mode.

Then click on the little cog on the end of your morph.

Select Parameter settings.

If you don't won't a morph to auto follow untick the box and click accept. This is also your opportunity if you didn't do it earlier to move the morph where you want it to show in the parameter tab. I also like to give it a colour so they are easier to find.

Once you have finished click accept and right click on your morph and untick edit mode.

Then go to File/Save as/Support Assets/MorphAssets....it's right down the bottom on save as.

A new dialogue box will pop up.

Click on the triangle next to Dawn to expand the heirarchy.

Go to where ever you placed your morph and tick each morph.

I generally change the name to the vendor and put the product name in the boxes at the top.

click accept.

Load a new dawn and check that she has your morphs...I did it too quickly earlier and had to resave you need to make sure the ticks turn yellow before clicking accept...

I think that's it. If you have any questions sing out...
Esmeralda in DS

Nissa in DS
nissa in DS.jpg

And just for fun some of esmeralda and nissa mixed together...the joy of the gene pool!
esmeralda and nissa mix esmeralda full.jpg

esmeralda and nissa mix esmeralda mat.jpg


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It was pure luck that I had saved it to onenote...I'm still looking for the one I did on clones.

Having just bought 3 new Poser characters for Dawn and I already had one from Tempesta I thought I needed to find it so I could convert some myself...


Contributing Artist
That's great news...I'm still going through my onenote pages which like my Pinterest pages are numerous and onenote is not as well organised as I would like. Please feel free to post it in a thread here. I'm currently trying to set up a thread of tutorials for Zbrush. All that wonderful information gone...too sad! : (


HW3D QAV Queen Bee
Staff member
The old forum posts ARE still there - and Lisa will get them linked once the forums are up most likely. No images, but all the words are there :)


Contributing Artist
That's so good to know Alisa. For some reason I thought they were gone...is that just the galleries? Still worth reposting as originally it was in the Anchorage thread. I always meant to do a separate post eventually...


HW3D QAV Queen Bee
Staff member
No, pretty much all of the images that were in the forums are gone :(. So what you wrote is there but it will just have something saying "image number such and such" if you had images in it.

We've all been pulling things from our hard drives to reconstruct as much as possible everywhere. I believe that many of the monthly gallery images are being restored - not sure how far back.


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That's good to know...I just assumed the worse. If Lorraine has the process for the clones I'll set it up again. I have the images...

Miss B

Drawing Life 1 Pixel at a Time
Yes, I had assumed the worst too, because I didn't want to have to recreate my looooong list of links in the Blender forum from scratch, and finding it in the old forum archive sure made it fairly simply to cut and paste. :)

Now I have them saved on my hard drive so I don't have to worry about that again.


HW3D QAV Queen Bee
Staff member
I've made ALL the posts there Read Only and no one will be able to post any new posts, but you can copy and paste from there to a new thread here and re-add any images you have (which hopefully are somewhere :)

I don't think Lisa's figured out yet just where/how she's going to link everyone to the old site yet.


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instructions for going from OBJ to FBM in DS
This video shows the procedure for Genesis 2. But it's the same for all figures.

Tipp: First make sure your morphs have the correct names. You can edit the name in Morph Loader but it's much easier if you can just hit OK.
And it's a good idea to use some unique prefix or something to avoid duplicates, as might happen if another vendor by chance picks the same name for their morphs.


Contributing Artist
Thanks so much! That was so very helpful. Those instructions were very clear. Lots of steps, but easy to follow. I'm just impressed by the clarity of the information SickleYield is kind enough to share with us.